About MPK

MPK Junjongan is an elected local council serving a five-year term and is responsible for creating and carrying out social, security, and economic programmes to improve the state of the two-thousand-plus residents of Kampong Junjongan, Pangkalan Batu, Brunei Darussalam. The council is headed by the village leader Haji Tahir bin Haji Jaya.

The objectives of the MPK Junjongan for the village are as follows, 1) to strengthening grassroots socioeconomic development, 2) building up the local patriotism of the locality to the nation-state, 3) as well as to produce social and economic plans aimed at enhancing the welfare and development of the village community.


The first historical record of Kampong Junjongan was written in the Brunei epic poem Syair Awang Semaun. In addition, Kampong Junjongan is known as the burial site of Sharif Alwi (known as Raja Junjungan), one of five companions who followed Sharif Ali Rijal (the third Sultan of Brunei) to Brunei from Taif. As a loyal defender of Brunei, Sharif Alwi’s grandson eventually became the first and only Sultan of Sandakan.

Society and Economy

There are around two thousand three hundred residents living in Kampong Junjongan, according to JPKE Population census estimate. Over thirty percent of the residents have a higher education background. There are around four hundred and fifty houses in the Kampong and growing.

The economy is heavily dominated by agriculture. The MPK Junjuogan has its own corporations namely Korperasi Ladang (active) and Korperasi Pengangkutan (inactive) to spearhead economic development. There is also an industrial site housing logistical companies that supply famous products in Brunei, i.e. Mr. Brown.


As of current, the MPK Junjongan is undergoing a process to set out a robust and sustainable Masterplan on how to secure growth and development for the village and its residents. Part of the agreed approaches in the Masterplan are as follows:

  1. To connect the naval transport system directly to Kampong Ayer and Bandar Seri Begawan, making it a potential hub to intra- and inter-tourism, trade, and fisheries.
  2. To establish a market-centre housing and agglomerating locally produced products and services to intensify commercial development and growth.
  3. To improve upon the history of Kampong Junjongan in order to make the locality historical which will then attract inter- and intra-tourism.
  4. To undertake a study to understand the real causes of unemployment and drug abuse so the right programmes can be introduced to combat them.
  5. To improve MPK Junjongan’s public service and relevance as an elected executive committee tasked in representing, developing, and enhancing the constituency forward.
  6. To aim to win the “Excellent Village Award” (Kampong Cemeralang) in five-years time and secure the accompanying grant so we can channel it towards the realisation of said plans.
  7. Reform the existing public governance to be more inclusive as well as to engage more youths in order for Kampong Junjongan to become a model village for the Brunei/Muara District.